Our Promise to All Purchases

  1. We reserve the rights to amend product offerings, prices, promotions, vending machine locations and operation status in any way without prior notice. But we will endeavor to provide timely updates on our website and social media channels.

  2. For food safety purposes, there will be no return of products under any circumstances.

  3. We will investigate all refund/exchange requests as long as its highlighted within 72 hours of purchase with details like item, time and location of purchase. If found to be valid, request will be addressed within 7 working days thereafter.

  4. We take all suggestions, feedback and complaints seriously and will consider all inputs to improve our service levels.

  5. The pictures of offered products on our website are for visual purposes and may differ from the products sold due to individual variations, storage conditions and packaging.

  6. Prices apply per unit item. The product weight listed on the website indicates typical weight to be expected and some deviations are expected. Detailed weight and other pertinent product information will be from our supplier partners and found on actual product labeling.